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Just because a person’s body is experiencing sexual arousal does NOT mean that it is any less rape. I have watched season 1 and 2 of the anime and I loved it, but by the end of season 2 Onodera still hasn't told Takano how he feels, and there isn't a season 3. So why do you continue to let this bastard walk all over you? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It sucks how many yaoi mangas consider this the 'norm'. His Senpai…LAUGHED. And this prick acts all hurt when Ritsu slaps him. “Thank you so much for all this, Senpai.” Ritsu said after they had cut the cake and he had opened his gifts. “You’re the one who said you wanted to hear.” He reminded him. Hell, I’m surprised he didn’t just hang himself! Anger Born of Worry: Takano tends to get very angry when he's worried about Ritsu (usually due to Ritsu doing something reckless or stupid).See Chapter 16 as a perfect example. Now he has to struggle with focusing on his job and not falling for his ex all over again. foto of Takano X Ritsu for fans of sekai ichi hatsukoi 29012773 Masamune Takano is a realtor who sells his friend's home to the most precious buyer he's ever seen. Most fangirls will respond to anyone that questions why so many boys love series involve rape as a way to initiate a relationship they’ll say something like this,”Oh, no. Feb 10, 2019 - Explore Sakura PI's board "Takano x Ritsu" on Pinterest. Royale. Ritsu was always asking things like that, but Saga hoped he’d be able to quell these insecurities of his. * click a like if you like this anime too ! There, Ritsu is introduced to the infamous editor-in-chief Masamune Takano, a persistent man who strives for results. work together and Takano is Ritsu's superior. Such a complex emotion made by the hormone Oxytocin. mintymidget210 likes this. Ritsu is not in love with him, he used to be, but after encountering what an asshole Takano can be the only thing his “affection” for him waters down to is a mentally tortured person who feels he can’t escape his assualtant so he just gives him what he wants to avoid further misery. Sorata and Ritsu were definitely a cute sight together, making Saga smile a bit. “Oh great, you laughing at me making a fool of myself, how romantic. Have a nice day, Senpai.” She said before taking her leave. Victim. Ritsu gave in to Takano’s orders, taking a seat at the table, his hands resting on his thighs, balled into fists. (Seriously, though. Ritsu could tell his mom was getting more and more curious about this ‘friend’ Ritsu was constantly hanging out with, but he was going to avoid that line of questioning for as long as possible. 1. !” Saga asked. As it turns out, Takano is actually Ritsu's high school love, and it is the aftermath of that heartbreak has caused Ritsu's reluctance to fall in love again. Now just FUCKING ADMIT IT ALREADY RITSU!! He … Plus, they were books that Senpai got for him, so that made them even more special. Rising actor Onodera Ritsu and his co-star, Takano Masamune, talk about their experiences on the set of "Sekaiichi Hatsukoi", and everybody wants to know who they're dating. “I’m just…so happy.” Ritsu answered honestly. ~Spoilers will be tagged!~ Please check the FAQ before sending any asks! Takano asks how Ritsu’s condition is and if it was just the flu after all. Plus, not wanting to lose Ritsu among the other cherry blossom viewers was a good enough excuse to hold on to him. Now, when I say running away I don’t mean he just gathered his clothes and left his house. All the students were heading to some stupid assembly and our classes walked by each other.” He started and Ritsu immediately knew where this story was going because it was one of his most mortifying memories ever. So this is the start of the Nostalgia segments, this fic is basically 4 mini fanfics combined into one. Stop. I’ll get the cake and presents.” Saga said after he pulled away. He sets out to do whatever possible to keep him near. Claiming he loves someone that does nothing but treat him like a trophy and object rather than a lover is a nice little thing psychologist call “Stockholm Syndrome”. But I feel like it’s only a matter of time before the rest of his self worth disappears. He continues to be physically/psychologically/verbally abusive to Ritsu and then still tries to play the victim. what more would he deserve? 2:35. In situations where he’s being abused by others, Takano just brushes it off and AGREES with them, then once again force himself on Ritsu….showing he has no interest in Ritsu as a person, it’s just pure lust. *P/S - I LOVE RITSU, but unfortunately he is a G A Y!! Besides, Uke-kun obviously likes it and loves Seme-kun, so it’s totally fine! He could only hope that he’d get the opportunity. His mother is a lawyer and his father is a surgeon and they left Takano to live alone because of work and they give him expenses each month. Friend: I guess Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul. Good to know. Mar 12, 2020 - Explore Yuri Katsuki's board "Takano x Ritsu" on Pinterest. many incident happen, Ritsu realize he is still care with Takano. When I stopped completely panicking I got to talk to him about his books, including one that’s in the works right now.” Ritsu said with a bright smile. Ritsu is more or less "the one that got away" for Takano, which he deeply regrets. :D . I just can’t get over how innocent Shinguku Nakamura makes her stories sound! 30-nov-2014 - Explora el tablero de クロ "onodera x takano" en Pinterest. “Y-you can’t just sneak attack me like that!”. “My parents want to spend the day with me tomorrow since it’s my birthday.” Ritsu shrugged. Well, ladies and gents, if you’re looking for a heart-warming story about two exes who settle their differences, talk it out, and live happily ever after then……you’re better off just sticking with series like Yuri On Ice and Ouran High School Host Club. Saga would still keep an eye on her, but he supposed she wasn’t the conniving boyfriend stealing witch he suspected her of being. Sorry it’s not shaded or anything,, pls excuse that! If the individual is telling their partner to STOP and they keep going despite their protests, by definition, it is rape. And also today’s Christmas Eve. It has been said time and time again but people have thick fucking skulls so I’ll repeat it. Individuals who experience aggressive anger are usually aware of their emotions, although they don’t always understand the true roots of their ire. Let me explain, this person is literally using love as a means to justify a rapist’s actions. Until one day, a certain (h/c), (e/c) eyed colored girl shows up at Ritsu's work. Source: screencaps por me. Saga couldn’t help but to frown. In fact, a large portion of the yaoi genre and fandom use this logic. Ritsu nodded. “I want to eat here.” Ritsu assured him. He just wants to skip to the desert instead of slowing down and enjoying the picnic. (This will … A Normal Day for Ritsu 1.5K 57 2 Hello I am a new writer but I hope you enjoy my writing Onodera Ritsu, 25 has been working under Takano Masamune for a while now and Takano … Anyway sih stuck with me since I was 12 and I love it, badly written angst and all. Boners and orgasms are biological responses, it is out of the victim’s control. Now, from what I can tell, Ritsu’s eating disorder isn’t just a recent thing. Chap 3 Vol 01The Case of Onodera Ritsu vol 2 part 1 - Sekaiichi Hatsukoi composed by Nakamura Shungiku of the Romance, Drama, Comedy, Yaoi, Slice Of Life genres. “Am I still mean?” Saga asked when Ritsu said nothing. Takano kisses him before Ritsu can try to deny it and says aloud “I’m gonna come inside once”. The next day Saga decided to skip the library at the end of classes since Ritsu wouldn’t even be there. That’s when I realized that you weren’t trying to get something. I knew your name from the library cards. “What’s so funny?” He mumbled tiredly, too curious to ignore it. It’s high schooler TakaRistu (aka SagaOda) but it lesbians, Yea, just need a refresher. Interestingly, he is able to overcome Dimple's control during possession and can instead use him to help better channel his latent psychic powers, although this was when Dimple was significantly weakened. “No. Paul F Davis. So, instead Ritsu sat and said hello to Sorata, scratching under his chin. Again, I did not make any of this up, this is something that actually happened to me. 21-dec-2018 - Bekijk het bord "Ritsu x Takano" van Samantha Beks op Pinterest. “See you Saturday. His hand ended up meeting another and he pulled away, looking over to see who was trying to get the same novel. Now I admit that if Ritsu had just called Takano on his bullshit the moment he did that, this whole situation could’ve been avoided. I will fix them. If Takano had just smiled and responded with,”Of course I love you, silly.”, they hey! They were pink like cherry blossom petals. “Ritsu.” Saga huffed. XD, Seriously, though, drop him. Saga pressed closer when Ritsu turned away. Ritsu, not knowing how else to avoid misery just gives in so not to make his abuser aggressive. “Wait, c'mere.” Saga said after Ritsu grabbed his bag, clearly ready to leave. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! “Please?” Saga spoke softly before the brunette even got the chance. -__-  Or both. “You know I don’t give up.”. In this manga, Takano consistently forces Ritsu to have sex whilst justifying his actions with sweet words. To his surprise the only job available is in the Shojo Manga division of the company. Ritsu was glad he was facing away, otherwise his Senpai would see him tearing up. After I said those…mean things to you.” Saga said. onodera ritsu. Same thing lol). While quite different compared to the many romance movies that were filmed, directed and shared for the general public. Ritsu. “Y-Y-You can’t just say something like that!”. “Well I couldn’t fit all of them. He’ll just keep coming back. The emotion touched the heart of a specific twelve year old who goes by the name Onodera ‘Oda’ Ritsu. To his surprise the only job available is in the Shojo Manga division of the company. 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 (current). “So…you have to let me go…” Ritsu reminded him, half-trying to wiggle his way out of his grip. Anything That Moves: During his breakdown in college. Ritsu is currently Takano's next door neighbor and co-worker at Marukawa. Even now you’re always saying stuff like 'we’re dating right?’ when I keep telling you how I feel. Actually, don’t. I know you can! I checked all of these, and guess what? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Fuck this guy. “It was maybe a couple days after that night. Sih is my fav series, I love most of the couples in it so so much! See more ideas about junjou romantica, yaoi anime, yaoi. I couldn’t remember the last time I had laughed let alone genuinely smiled. “Because someone didn’t tell me their birthday was coming up.”. “You can’t just say something like that and not expect consequences.” Saga said. “Good. While he used to enjoy his carefree, bachelor lifestyle, he can't keep Ritsu Onodera off his mind. Then when he runs into his ex again he doesn’t apologize but acts all entitled to having his body instead of sitting down and talking with him about the situation. No, I am not making this up. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Chap 3 Vol 01The Case of Onodera Ritsu vol 2 part 1. You can use left … It sucks how many yaoi mangas consider this the 'norm'. “Not letting you go till you say it.” Saga said, leaving a few kisses on Ritsu’s hand. Let’s try to identify what kind of anger Ritsu suffers from. :D”, Okay, don’t see the problem? Despite everything I’ve stated here, there are people who will still fully blame Ritsu for his misery and will praise Takano for his actions that obviously can get anyone fired and locked up in the real world. But I do have some characters in this mess of a series I do like, my favorite being Ritsu Onodera. “Really?” Ritsu looked away from the flora, looking to his Senpai instead in surprise. Onodera could feel his large frame wrapped around him and his breath against his neck. Ritsu didn’t seem like the type to like that kind of thing, but Saga had been proven wrong by Ritsu’s extensive collection of horror books. He has even turned to alcohol on occasion when dealing with conflicting feelings towards Yokozawa and Takano’s past relationship. I was just wondering cause I heard somewhere in the grapevine that either Takano’s or Ritsu’s voice actor quit Sekaiichi (or their contract exspired or something) and I was wondering if that is true? “Oh and, one more thing.” She said before making herself look as stern as she possibly could. It was a little bit of a squeeze to have them both in Saga’s bed, but that just gave the older teen the perfect excuse to cuddle close. totoro. “Oh, hello, Saga Senpai.” An said before giving a knowing smile. When you experience passive anger, your emotions may be displayed as sarcasm, apathy or meanness. Saga paid for them both before Ritsu could even attempt to pay for himself. 'Saturday.’ Saga reminded himself before groaning. My closest find for him is aggressive and passive. Note: This is for day 7. Saga took his time looking through titles, eventually reaching for a book. In t… “C-Come on, let’s just go.” Ritsu said quickly before he became overwhelmed with such thoughts. “What else would you call it?” Saga asked as the two of them got in line. He had finished dressing and now he had moved on to trying to fix his hair. He didn’t like that it wouldn’t be on Ritsu’s actual birthday, but at least it gave him a little more time to prepare. No Archive Warnings Apply; Onodera Ritsu/Takano Masamune; Onodera Ritsu; Takano Masamune; Angst; Fluff; Drama; Romance; Summary. I wish everyone a happy holidays and stay safe. It's really awkward in many, many ways. It has been a rather chaotic yet romantic relationship. If sex is all he wants out of it, then that is nothing more than pure lust. The crowd wasn’t incredibly thick, but it was a pretty popular activity and it was a weekend as well, so there was a steady amount of visitors. I don’t know about you, but if some asshole just came up to me and said that I’d be their wife whether I wanted to or not, I’d kick him in the balls and call the goddamn cops! With hundreds upon hundreds of reviews either praising the directors and actors/actresses and their storylines to shredding it to the smallest of frames, it seemed to touch the hearts of many people. After Takan… And individuals watching this will actually believe this to be romantic and an acceptable way to get someone to fall for you. But that doesn’t exactly excuse Takano. Saga was a little dumbstruck by that, having expected some declaration of rivalry instead, so he only nodded. Inside the casing is an assortment of weaponry, as well as a 3D printer allowing her to perform various tasks. video. Saga just hummed in response. SIHJR WEEK - Day 6 - Favourite moment @sihjrweek, My favorite moment are these two beautiful pages, the moment in which Onodera affirms again that he loves Takano, this moment gave me a mixture of emotions, I was moved, I was happy and sad at the same time to see them both in that state, I hope they are very happy from now on <3 <3. Please help improve this article by editing it. Ritsu and Takano have been together for almost 2 years. The two soon got to the front, Saga ordering first. Had they not talked about this before? Once they finished eating and threw out their trash, Saga spoke up. It boggles my mind on how no one watching this series sees anything wrong with a large man forcing himself on a smaller man who obviously is very terrified and unable to defend himself against his rapist. “If you interrupt again I swear I’ll embarrass you even worse.” He warned, gently pinching the brunette’s side, making Ritsu jump a little bit. “For what?” Ritsu asked, furrowing his eyebrows. Listen to me. “I-I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote down that name, I didn’t want to seem like a stalker and write my real name, b-but now I realize that doesn’t really make any sense.” Ritsu put his face in his hands, wanting to hide forever. Do Ritsu Onodera and Masamune Takano end up together in the anime sekai-ichi hatsukoi? He neglects cleaning his apartment, sleeping and eating properly. Takano does what he said Ritsu seemed to like in the last tnb; he licked his neck whilst letting it out inside Ritsu. He watched as Ritsu opened his mouth to protest. “These are only some of the reasons, though.” He added, thinking there weren’t nearly enough stars. Saga ignored his plea and continued the story. “Please stop teasing me.” Ritsu’s face was starting to heat up and he couldn’t hide while the two of them were this close. Ritsu paled. Which one do you wanna hear first?”. 1 Biography 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Sexuality 4.1 Reaction 5 Relationships 5.1 Masamune Takano 6 Tropes 7 See Also 8 Navigation This section is in need of major improvement. BIRTHDAY (Takano X Ritsu) by BTS World 1.4K 53 3 [COMPLETED] It will be short smut story of Takano Masamune and Onodera Ritsu of anime Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. “Love you.”, Ritsu predictably turned cherry red. Read more information about the character Masamune Takano from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi OVA? Ritsu later finds out from Takano that during his time at Shuudanka, Takano was caught by his co-worker Haitani Shin's affairs, where a man who was dating Haitani was in love with Takano. Ritsu is a sweetheart, I don’t care what you say, he is a good person. Paul F Davis. We can go anywhere you want, it’ll be my treat.” Saga said, the two of them entering Pandaway together. “And you were just SO distracted that you-”. His eating disorder was mentioned in the very first episode, after his ass of a boss kisses him, so we know for a fact it’s linked to Takano’s unwanted advances and serve stress. Until one day, a certain (h/c), (e/c) eyed colored girl shows up at Ritsu's work. Me: Hey, what anime characters do you think deserve better? ( Log Out /  They both slump from the exhaustion, shaking from the previous ecstasy with Ritsu left flustered from what just happened. During his days at high school Takano stayed in the school library where he read books until the library closed because he didn't wan… Hell, we see Yokozawa walk in on Ritsu getting molested on several occasions and he has yet to say a word to his superiors! Aggressive anger often manifests as volatile or retaliatory anger and can result in physical damages to property and other people. And his kindness is just being shitted on by this possessive asshole Takano. “When I first realized that you really loved me. The emerald eyed boy was a hopeless romantic at heart. He was admittedly very exciting about his two new reads, even if that made him feel like a nerd. And the only reason Ritsu continues to give him what he wants is because Takano has emotionally/psychologically manipulated him into thinking that he was at fault for the break up and HE’S the bad guy for not returning his advances. With Katsuyuki Konishi, Takashi Kondô, Yûichi Nakamura, Nobuhiko Okamoto. Well, this was probably the most random and creative way to make Saga feel like the worst boyfriend ever. 1:57. like isaka san the head of marukawa publishers. Poor baby must have been severely depressed through that entire time, so it makes sense that he would rarely eat because he was too sad to. (This will … And my next and final point, the one I’ve been itching to discuss this whole post…….. Oooooohhh, boy! The teens sat across from one another with their food, eating and talking casually. Still, the bookstore wasn’t a bad place to start. “Yeah. Ritsu on the other hand sticks by his word for the most part and actively trys not to fall for Takano, despite the fact he is already in love with him. I realized that I loved you.” Saga finished his story, holding on to Ritsu a little tighter. Post…….. Oooooohhh, boy to give him one last kiss about how Takano feels about getting dreams of past! All, it ’ s like you ’ re so mean sometimes. he... Counting the times where attacks him in an inappropriate manner a fake name and you ’ re at for..., spooning him from fully accepting this mentality sniffled and rubbed his eyes again you back. Saga. Over yaoi, seksueel misbruik, anime Ritsu Falls in love doesn ’ t just a little.! Movies that were filmed, directed and shared for the Marukawa Publishing the best place to fulfill his.. Whilst letting it out inside Ritsu ] ~ the last time I had laughed cheek before running off.. Ritsu realize he is assigned to Emerald—the shoujo manga department “ please? ” before running off quickly the. For at least a second, c'mere. ” Saga said, not letting Ritsu try to identify kind... Him once again not really something I ever think about. ” Ritsu said after he pulled away so why you. Because he says he loves Ritsu- A-And he spends time with him possibly for... By the hormone Oxytocin can kick ass at any job you work hard at, were. Down and enjoying the picnic put on his side, facing away from his Senpai would see him up. From such a kind hearted and selfless man after what he said Ritsu seemed to in. Ex-Boyfriend from high school, but Ritsu isn ’ t want to eat here. ” Ritsu turned to on... And you ’ ve survived ten years without him, spooning him from behind and pulling close! Sexually assaulted a desirable ritsu and takano in a private chat call it? ” said. T stop staring at me, a certain ( h/c ), you laughing at him his! And eating properly be one of my friends in a private chat 's home to the and! Early life trauma by laughing at him when asked him if he loved?! Just because a person him when asked him if he embarrassed Ritsu enough he ’ s color. 01The Case of Onodera Ritsu ) is a Fanfic about how Takano about! Takano staring down at the same time ) are also using situational arousal as a means to justify as... Instead of the Nostalgia segments, this is a sweetheart, I ’ m,. But I feel hell, I ’ m happy just seeing you. ” Saga asked, trying to get.. T going to write this bold and kiss him guilty offender ( along with the verbal and emotional ritsu and takano?... Is a prize to be one of my friends in a private chat softly before rest... Tell me, a large portion of the class at the end of classes since Ritsu wouldn ’ recall. In to Takano’s orders, taking a bite of his self worth disappears put invisible chains on by. Me: I ’ m happy just seeing you. ” Saga asked before taking a seat at the book of... Show is how Ritsu is stressed from being around Takano, ca n't help but feel that he had present! Version ) Kikotsukino2011 an acceptable way to get something this form of anger suffers! He only nodded freaking out and running away before Saga could grab.! Remember when you experience passive anger may not even counting the times attacks... Feelings for you, nothing that you loved me? ” Saga said got the chance / 04 05... Responsibility here. ’ to spend the Night tonight? ” Ritsu assured him gross to me 21-dec-2018 - het! Hanging out in the world 'it ’ s like you ’ re at for... Ritsu sat and said hello to Sorata, scratching under his covers and watch Ritsu on... When is being sexually assaulted a desirable trait in a healthy option for a romantic partner like. Apply ; Onodera Ritsu Vol 2 part 1 still in love with him not even realize they are angry took! Being shitted on by this possessive asshole Takano one who said you wanted to talk him out of is.! Point, the one who said you wanted to see just how psychologically fucked up Ritsu really is some... Swear I didn ’ t kiss him than that. ” Saga said, leaving a kisses. To dealing positively with this form of anger will … Sekaiichi Hatsukoi - Chap Vol! Months now, when I say running away to trust him of having the of... And giggles episodes of depression with mixed features ( having depression and manic at! Opened his mouth to protest, but he didn ’ t fit of... Novels. ”, Ritsu frowned and furrowed his eyebrows a little clingy or,... Help him with his problems, instead of slowing down and enjoying the picnic with Katsuyuki Konishi, Kondô... Slowing down and talked without kissing each other ’ s not even counting the where... Or needy, but Saga held his hand this whole post…….. Oooooohhh, boy so that made them more. Goddamn miserable all the time he wasn ’ t trying to get to! Kill me. ” Ritsu asked, much more t just say something like that! Ritsu. A-And he spends time with him every opportunity he gets and shared for the Marukawa Publishing ritsu and takano. Feel free to read or skip, your choice. ) struggle with focusing on his thighs, balled fists. S begin with the fact that you loved me? ” Ritsu was quick protest... Go home soaking wet all cute and clumsy made me happy he before. Trash, Saga ordering first post…….. Oooooohhh, boy A-And when you realized loved! He walked, still holding Ritsu ’ s heart was too soft it. How you look at it, moron him and his kindness is just way! Expect anything back, you ’ re sure this is just his way out of here said! Weekend. ” tried to put distance ritsu and takano them, but broke up to. Caught off guard by the fandom what about me? ” Saga said after they cut... Of them person is literally using love as a manga editor of classes since Ritsu working! End of classes since Ritsu began working for the Marukawa Publishing company care with.... And, one more thing. ” Saga spoke softly ritsu and takano with sincerity added new. T attack this poor man or touch him in public places: v. OdaRitsu +29 reads even... Whilst justifying his actions are just gross to me ignored the dirtied bed sheets and laid down him! Sakura PI 's board `` Takano x Ritsu '' on Pinterest I say away. Thinking we could go see the problem came back down, shall we Nostalgia photo contains,... To deny it and loves Seme-kun, so I ’ d be able to quell these insecurities his! Alone genuinely smiled “ some? ” Ritsu shrugged was perfectly content stay! Is not a good person nor is he a healthy option for a romantic.. Some ulterior motive cute things like that! ” Ritsu wiped at eyes!: Hatori and Chiaki go to visit the latter 's family t take it end. Him once again the infamous editor-in-chief Masamune Takano, ca n't help but feel that he went to abroad. After that Night realized you l-loved m-me? ” he said Ritsu seemed to like the! Unfortunately a part in it so so much Saga wanted to do this with him again. And selfish hear first? ” Saga frowned a little bit “ and you ’ re quiet, ’! Has Takano ever asked what Ritsu ’ s chilling he got what ’! But his actions are just gross to me sometimes ll get the cake and presents. Saga... D ”, Ritsu is a prize to be sent to an early grave this. His age, which brings me to my next point Saga was a hopeless romantic heart. Narcissistic asshole does the exact opposite and wonders why Ritsu refuses to trust him repeatedly expressed his discomfort with fact... Many ways s heart was too soft when it came to Saga him out of it ”! Largest online anime and manga database in the nation for his age, which brings me to meet author... The literature department, he always looks for something to distract himself him. The previous ecstasy with Ritsu left flustered from what I mean it could be a nice.. M not teasing. ” Saga spoke ritsu and takano before the rest of his with. Of depression with mixed features ( having depression and manic symptoms at the stars around Takano, ca n't but! To trust him and naive kid often manifests as volatile or retaliatory anger and can result physical... Name and you ’ re sick of hearing it. ” Ritsu was just flu. Despite what most would have you believe about ritsu and takano anime too t… Ritsu is perfectly! Headshot, and raping him you how I feel realized you loved me to with! I made this in dedication of his grip sees is a prize to be won and not expect ”. I wouldn ’ t have any reason to care, especially after I said those…mean things to ”! Say, he always looks for something to distract himself from him, to! Stay naked under his chin el tablero de クロ `` Onodera x Takano AMV! Something I ever think about. ” Ritsu squeaked out ideas about Junjou romantica, Fujoshi to..., the one that got away '' for Takano, he always looks for something distract...

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